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Movement in the Making
Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 2.52.47 PM.png

      “Movement in the Making” portrays dance or people’s movement through layered static drawings, translating physical movements from video capture to a traditional media. The materials for this project include vellum paper, graphite, and charcoal. Each photo still is a single frame from video that is 24fps. Each frame is then drawn on its own vellum sheet, and then the frames are layered to convey motion and time. I feel it is important to display the more intricate movements of those we tend not to think about, and hardly see. We rarely take the time to slow down and take in the interesting forms displayed through these simple motions. The lighting behind the drawings encourages the viewer to get close and look at the small details of the movement of the human body, and refers back to the light-based video medium they came from.

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