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A Household Wonder


This piece was apart of a senior class exhibition to show how we all coped with COVID-19.

Full wall view Final .jpg

     This global pandemic has forced many of us to discover new ways to deal with being house-bound. Like everyone else who is going stir crazy, I too wanted to get out of my house. One of the best options was just to go outside and exercise. Before this pandemic hit and we were all forced to stay inside in order to remain healthy, I had never paid much attention to the environment. I was used to passing through it in the car on my way to the store or to work. It brings a new meaning to how we as humans depend on the ability to interact with the environment as it is considered as a safe space to think. I have seen people walking their dogs, riding bikes, running, etc. just to get outside and stay healthy and sane.

          In light of this situation, I have created a series of digital paintings that express a secluded, quiet and beautiful nature scene that can inspire wonder and imagination. These paintings represent a little girl's imagination of what her room would look like since she is unable to go out and explore the world during this time in quarantine. These pieces intend to inspire others to slow down and reflect on the beautiful nature around them and take in things they may have never cared to look at before they were forced to stay inside. 

Floor painting Final.jpg
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