Baby Bee Logo

This was a commission of one of my mother's friends for her local business she started on ETSY. She makes baby booties, blankets and burpies.

Functional Living

This design was for my dad's business partner. She is in the process of expanding the company and rebranding the show room.

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 6.20.46 PM.png


Planet Snoopy Button Design

This was a commission for a friend who needed a button designed for her team members at Cedar Point for summer 2019.

Senior Prank T-Shirt Logo (Marching Band)

This was a project for the Senior Marching Band prank in high school. I was given the opportunity to create a design based on the theme our class agreed on for that year.




Organized Home Remodeling

This was a logo I designed for my father's remodeling company. It was first sketched out and then turned into a design embroidered on a teacher shown here.